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Falbygden Flying Club is a small but active flying club in the south western part of Sweden. The club has both a gliding- and a motor section and operates eight gliders, one motorglider and two single-engined motor airplanes. The club is a non-profit orginization driven by its members.

The club is located a few km east of city Falköping in the south western part of Sweden, between the two largest Swedish lakes (lake Vänern and lake Vättern) approx. 130 km away from Gothenburg. The airport of Falköping offers 1300 m of asphalt runway and two large grass strips and there are no problems with airspace regulations in the area.

With its large airfield and good facilities (kitchen, toilettes, camping etc.) Falbygdens Flying Club is a perfect site for a club meeting or a traning camp. If you are interested in coming to visit us send an email to or call us on phone number +46 (0) 515 16390. Welcome to contact or visit us!

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